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Who wants to travel around the Three Borders (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay) here are some very important information about healthcare and border crossing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay as countries with a risk of yellow fever transmission. We recommend that all travellers be vaccinated for yellow fever before travelling to all destinations in the region. As the quarantine requirements for yellow fever vaccination differ between countries, we recommend that you check the yellow fever entry requirements for all countries you intend to enter or transit. Some airlines may require passengers to present a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate before being allowed to board flights out of the country.

When crossing a border by bus, car or on foot a passport may be required so remember to keep your passport with you all the time. Everybody planning a quick visit to a country and go back in the same day must get the passport stamped. Make sure you get a stamp when you enter and another one when get back. It may be necessary to obtain a visa in order to visit Paraguay or Argentina if you are US, Canadian or Australian citizen. People from these countries are charged a “reciprocity fee” of USD100 = R$260. The reciprocity fee must be paid online, prior to arrival in Argentina, on the Argentine Migration website, for example. Travellers who have not paid the reciprocity fee prior to arrival at the port of entry may be sent back.

Don’t try messing up with the border patrol! Even if you have listened to stories of travelers bribing taxi drivers to take them across the border, don’t do it! The stories of success are not compared to the failure ones. Brazil and Argentina takes the visa business pretty seriously. Plan ahead and get the Brazil visa so you can cross the border legally. You don’t need any trouble! Explore it on the best and healthiest way.

Safe Travels!

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