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When a guest asks for a recommendation of things to eat this is always a hard question! We have so many nice options of food in the city! With all this mix of ethnies you can easily find japanese, arabic, korean, italian, mexican and german food. Since last year we had a new option of food in the city: The indian Lounge brings us a taste of India in the waterfalls land!

With a sophisticated decoration, this is the perfect place for travelers that miss that indian spices. The menu is huge with around 100 options of meals took us a while to decide what to order! One of the nice things about this restaurant is that they have a vegetarian menu, what is like heaven for vegetarians travelers at South America(we love to put meat in all our plates!).

Some details about the decoration of the indian lounge.

Our first order was a Vegetarian tasting plates, that is a mix of indian plates in small portions, so we could taste a bit of everything.

In this mix we had vegetarian samosas, that remind me of our brazilian pastel with veggies and indian spices. They served an Onion bhaji that is a crispy onion dusted with chaat masala, panner tikka that is a ricotta cheese with spices cooked in tandoor, this was my favorite plate of the mix, it’s hard to explain the taste of that spices with the cheese, you have to taste it! The cheese and onion naan is an leavened indian bread stuffed with cheese, onion and indian spices and was another special thing in the mix, hard to stop eating!! All this plates came with an cucumber raita(with yogurt) and a mint sauce. This mix serves 2 people.

Our second option of food was chicken samosas served with tamarind, tomato and mint sauce! All the spices in the chicken combinated with the sauces makes a really good combination.

According to Manish Dagia, one of the owner of the restaurant, their main goal opening the restaurant was to introduce the indian culture and gastronomy to the area and to make it properly they bring 5 indian cheffs to work there, making plates from different indian areas, giving you an authentic indian experience!

If the food impressed us, what I can tell you about the drinks? With around 60 options of drink I am sure you will find yours!

At our list of drinks we have tasted “Tântrica”, “Tropical gin”, “namastê”, “she´s got the jack” and “inspiration”.

Tântrica drink: Pineapple, strawberry, pepper jam, simple syrup and vodka.

Tropical Drink: Gin, lime, clove, anise, zimbro, jamaican pepper, rosemary and tonic.

Our favorite ones are Namastê that is a mix of kiwi, strawberry, cucumber, syrup and you can choose between vodka, cachaça or saque, our choice was the vodka one. The taste was fruity, perfect for the hot weather.

Namastê drink

Another good one was “inspiration”. This is the drink for the ones that don´t like the confort zone! The drink is created for the bartender and you don´t know what you are getting until it gets on the table! Would you taste it?

Inspiration drink

Missing the Indian spices at Iguassu?

Come to the Indian lounge and enjoy the indian taste!


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