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Most of the people come here in Foz Do Iguazu to enjoy the Iguazu falls and leave the area without living a true local experience.

The falls are great, of course, but are (as you can imagine) very touristic. What’s the purpose of visiting a place if you don’t really experience what life is like there? Luckily, the Bambu Hostel offers a tour that will take you off the beaten track: right in the Rio Tamandua, only known by the locals. But there’s more.

Diogo, the guide, is also head of a local association aiming to preserve nature and fight against pollution in the area surrounding Foz Do Iguaçu. Joining the tour will also make you part of an important ecological project that’s essential for the National Park.

To get there, you’ll be picked up at the hostel by the guide, who will drive you to the end of the city, explaining on the way how the association works and showing the schools that are part of the project, the main goal being raising future generations’ awareness.

Once at the edge of the city, the group starts an easy 20 Minutes walk through the “Quintal de Casa” rain forest: you’ll have the chance to see what Brazilian jungles look like and you might even see some wildlife. A heavily contrasting atmosphere here: the shadow of the trees and the sounds coming from the nature around you make you feel like you’re miles away from civilization.


The end of the path offers a pretty rewarding view: the river lies down a green canyon, giving a strong feeling of isolation. You can finally take off your cloths to go for a swim and cool down a bit. There begins the real adventure: climb up the river and the waterfalls with the help, of course, of the guide.

Nothing dangerous, and a great diversity of activities. Here and there, times to relax and learn about the history and the geology of the place. If you decide to take part in this great trip, you’ll not only live something crazy, but also learn a lot about what surrounds you.

Most of all, you’ll learn to trust nature. Joining the team, you will be considered as part of a responsible ecological project by picking up the trash on the way, and will enjoy an amazing experience right inside the environment of the rain forest.

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