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Sushi Hokkai an Experience to have.

When you think about food/eating in Brazil, I am sure japonese food is not the first thing that comes in your mind.

But when you´re traveling for a long time you miss some familiar tastes that reconnect you with some people and places that are far away from here!

Sushi Hokkai is the  perfect place to satisfy your needs. Only three blocks from the hostel, this Restaurant was created at 2003 and since than have been looking for ways to impress their costumers with a highly selected ingridients and a lot of criativity while doing the menu. Over there you can find the options a la carte, all you can eat buffet and a special blind menu, where the cheff do a special selection of plates unique for you.

It´s hard to describe the experience I had there last week. It was the first time I had the option of the blind menu and everything was a surprise! The good thing is that you get out from your comfort zone and try some new crazy dishes made from the cheff´s mind.

The first dish that came to the table was soft. A niguiri of salmon with a small peace of fresh water eel and this was the most traditional dish we had that night and the taste was really good.

The next one really blow my mind off, when I saw a dish on fire  coming to the table!!! Shimeji with canadian scaloop and black ovas weel organized in a oaster shelf flambeed with orange liqueur. This was my second favorite of the night!

To continue with this magical trip throth the japonese culture, the cheff send us an uramaki of salmon with algaes with sesame oil with some sesame seeds. This sesame taste take   over the fish taste.

The next one was like a party in my mounth!

A piece of mushroom with creamcheese envolved with a flambed salmon filet,

It was such a good taste It’s hard to describe It!

And It does’t finish like this, they have some Sweet sushis that are Nice to taste. We got the banana with Nutella and Strawberry with Nutella! Amazing taste!!!

Needing something to take you off your confort zone and surprises you with a mix of different tastes?

Try this blind menu at sushi hokkai, you Will not regrat It!

Post by Diogo