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Only 5 minutes from downtown, at Vila Yolanda neighborhood you can find this charming japanese restaurant named Miyako.

 This family restaurant keeps the japanese traditions in all the details!! The kitchen is coordinated by  Miyako, she is the one that guarantees that the food has a delicios unique taste and still follow the tradition.

There was plenty options of dishes that were new for me(some of the ingredients as well!). Everything looked so different that took us a while to chose.

 To taste something new, outside from my sushi and sashimi comfort zone, the First dish we tried was called Nabeyaki-udon and It was an amazing surprise! This was a soup of udon noodles with vegetables, shrimp tepura, tikuwa, komaaboko, shiitake and egg! It hard to describe how this different ingredients get along in a perfect harmony, so tasty!

The Second plate was Gomoku Yakissoba, that was made with noodles with chicken, octopus, shrimp and vegetables!  Really good!

Our third option of plate was not that wild. We choose the old but gold Salmon Maki, made with kanikama, egg, mayonnaise, cucumbers, lettuce, rice, nori algae and slices of salmon! The ingredients were really fresh and even it was a traditional plate, the flavor surprised me!

When you think you are done with food, you see that they have free dessert table with a lot of options of fresh fruits and caramelized ones as well! 

We didn’t go there only for the food! They have a sake from japan that we had to taste and it was a perfect match with the food.

Don´t think too much and go taste this amazing food! 

This is Bambu Recommended!

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