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For years, Ciudad del Este’s freewheeling spirit has attracted two types of shoppers: Brazilians who flock here looking for bargains on cheap, mass-produced goods like toys, kitchen utensils, household items and electronics, and foreign tourists who after vacationing at nearby Iguazu Falls stop in Ciudad del Este to buy luxury goods at duty-free prices, special electronics and clothes.

In this city you can see Travel Markets Insider saw trucks, bicycles, pedestrians and two-wheeled “moto-taxis” clogging its streets and seedy sidewalk kiosks selling everything from clothes, umbrellas and cheap cellphones to fake Rolex watches made in China.

If you want to buy electronics its important to know what are the best and most reliable stores. It´s like a big chinese market on a small town of Paraguay.

Ciudad del Este is linked with Foz do Iguaçu by The Puente de la Amistad (Friendship Bridge), its Brazilian sister city on the other side of the Rio Paraná. Although customs and immigration inspectors are prominently stationed at both ends of the bridge, they typically stop only one or two of every 10 vehicles, meaning that only a few tourists are asked for passports or visas. Local buses to Ciudad Del Este departs from the bus terminal that its located in the center of foz do Iguaçu every 15 minutes. It costs 4 reais.

If you are not staying in Ciudad Del Este, going with a tour guide is recommended since you’ll be able to cut some lines at the border this way.

Our Hostel offers you an amazing Paraguay Experience, that can give you an Panoramic view of the three borders. Includes a visit to Abastos Market, Biological Refuge Museum and Itaipu Dam – this stop is very interesting for history lovers besides animals and monumental buildings. The last stop is in Salto Mondaí. The Paraguay Experience includes transportation, tickets to tourist attractions, tour guide and lunch. Get the most of your visit to Iguassu Falls by also getting to know Paraguay.

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