Have you ever tasted a Brazilian barbecue?

The Brazilian barbecue tradition hails from the southern part of the country, from a gaucho technique of cooking meat in the wide-open country after a long day wrangling cattle.

These days they grill the meat and bring the cuts to your table one by one, it´s called Rodizio. If you are here you can´t miss this opportunity!

Only 3 blocks from the hostel you can find Churrascaria Premium, a good place to taste an amazing meat Rodizio!

They have more than 18 different meat cuts, a buffet with salad, hot plates and dessert. You not only geta wide selection of cuts, but also a choice of level of doneness: rare (mal passado), medium rare (a ponto para mal), medium (a ponto), medium well (a ponto para bem) and well done (bem passado).

Know more about Premium Churrascaria

Do not miss this opportunity. Enjoy your stay in Iguazu Falls!

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