iguassu free walking tour


  • Tour by historical points of the city
  • Bilingual guide
  • Trail to the Paraná River with the best sunset of the city

Iguazu free walking tour

You’ve probably heard of Foz Do Iguaçu because of the nearby Iguazu Falls, which got the city internationally renowned.

It would be a shame, though, to leave the city without experiencing everything it has to offer.

Bambu Hostel therefore offers a “free walking tour”, right in the heart of the city and down to the Rio Parana, natural border between Brazil and Paraguay. You’ll be pleased whatever you’re into!

Like history? Diogo will tell you everything you need to know to understand how the city grew to become what it is today, featuring funny stories about the main buildings. Want to go know where to go to grab a drink or something to eat? He’s your man. More into nature? Perfect! The tour ends with a walk in the rain forest, leading you to the Rio Parana!

Best part of the trip? A full of colors sunset above Paraguay, on the other side of the river. You’ll even have the chance to swim into the Rio if you want to!

If you want to get deeper into the Brazilian culture, don’t hesitate to try the local “fish and chips”, in the nearby restaurant. Local fish, local beer, it’s worth it.

The free walking tour proposed by Bambu Hostel is incredible both by its diversity and its out of time moment shared with locals: a real immersion into Brazilian culture, enough to praise what the world has to give us.

Departure time: 6:30 pm

Duration time: 2:30 hours

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