Rainforest Full Day

A perfect way to get a great experience at the Iguassu national park. At this trip, a car will pick you up at the hostel/hotel and drive you to the national´s Park gate, what takes you around 30 min. Usually, the Brazilian side of the falls takes around 3 hours to contemplate a panoramic view of the Iguazu waterfalls .

Iguassu Rainforest Full day is an option where you will experience a whole day surrounded by nature doing both the national park´s trail and the “trilha do poço preto‘, a unique and native trail used by Indians 100 years ago.

9 Km through the rain forest by bike or walking with a bilingual experienced guide will take you to the superior part of the Iguassu river. This trail is the best way to see the wildlife of the national park: birds, monkeys, reptiles, coatis, armadillos, deer and countless varieties of orchids, lianas and vines. After the trail, a speed boat will take you to a ride to contemplate the beauty and the power of the Iguaçu River, with a kayak paddling to finish the circuit. The “poço preto trail” is a 4 hours experience.

The Iguaçu rain forest full day

Departure: 8:30 Am

Return: 5:30 Pm

Price: R$ 299,00

Book deposit: R$30,00


  • Transfer round trip.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • 9 Km rainforest trail.
  • Speed Boat at superior part of the Iguaçu river.
  • Kayak.
  • Iguazu 2 Km trail.
  • Entrance fee of the National park is not included (R$ 56,00).


  • The weather is really hot usually, that’s why we recommend doing the trails in the morning, when it’s cooler and birds and animals are more active.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and trekking shoes.
  • Take with you water and food, it´s really expensive inside the park.
  • Don’t forget the bug repellent and the sun´scream.


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